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Gold Mining 

We extract accumulated gold in placers deposits in Republic of Cameroon and Tanzania.

Gold Extraction

For the extracted gold ores, we have the best and cheapest methods to process them into a much valued gold.It could not look great working with different communities and don’t give back, we help cancer patients..


We deal in tree cutting, processing and moving them out of the forests to market ares. This is done legally.It could not look great working with different communities and don’t give back, we help cancer patients.


We offer the best links for investors who are willing to invest in lucrative business deals world wide. we as well have links for investors with ready funds who are willing to start up new businesses.

Gold and Diamond Sales 

From extraction and local processing , we sell at the best rates which is affordable by our clients. We based both in cut and uncut diamond ,as well as gold bars and nuggets. 


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Gold bars worldwide are a good investment and useful for storage. Larger gold bars are made by pouring molten metals into molds are knowns as ingots.

Two types of gold bars are there, one is minted bars and the other is cast bars.

  • Minted bars are made by blank gold bar then stamping it with various designs or inscription.
  • On the other hand, cast bars are made from liquid gold pouring it into the mold to give a proper shape.

The origin of gold nuggets were delibated by a geologist. Gold nuggets are naturally occurring gold pieces which is deposited in the residual plains, these are melted down and are sold as pure gold. Gold nuggets can be an another good option for investment after gold bars. The fist and foremost reason is because of its high price. Secondly, it is rare.

Diamond, a product which shows how you luxurious your life is! This commodity defines the financial state of a person, how rich a person. There's not a single woman in this world who doesn't like diamond, be it a necklace, earring or ring. Once in their they want to adore themselves with such items. African Gold Sales and Global Investment provides you one of the best diamonds in the US. We always strive towards perfection, delivering the best diamonds to our customers and thereby attaining customer satisfaction and happiness.


African Gold sales and Global Investment International Limited is a gold and Diamond production company in Africa (Cameroon and Tanzania). We are the leading gold and Diamond suppliers in Africa while offering quality products at competitive prices.Trade Panel International Limited will act ethically and with integrity, honesty and respect. We aim at building long term relationships with our clients.We run a large scale gold and Diamond sourcing project with established links to reputable mineral reserves in Cameroon and Tanzania. We source and purchase gold and quality timber from local market that later we sell to international market.with this regards we work hand in gloves with the various ministries of mines and power of the various countries.This whole idea started in Cameroon in 2002, where a small family from a Royal home in Batouri  city decided to go into mining , and today the rest is story , now global and leading the race of gold supplier in Africa and boost of above 1020 workers. Our Doors are open for all buyers around the world as well as open to new ideas from the public. Give the best to the public or our clients is what we aim for , trade with us and enjoy our services .


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